Sakhulwazi Women’s Hub- Cape Town, South Africa

The Sakhulwazi Women’s Hub is a volunteer site where six of us work. The Sakhulwazi Hub is not only a community garden, but a community center for people in Phillipi to use. They have a place for people to meet, a picnic area, and sewing and beading classes, along with the garden. Mama Rose created the vision of helping out the community in her township by creating this hub! It is called a women’s hub and after being in the hub I can tell why it is called that because mainly women come to garden, sew, or bead. The sewing room and beading room are mainly used to help women in the community earn a living and a skill. Mama Rose teaches women how to sew and they are allowed to keep one item they make to sell and the other items go to the hub. Mama Rose also knows many people who work in the sewing industry, so after women learn how to sew Mama Rose will recommend them for a job. Mama Rose receives all of her fabric from local sewing companies who will give her their scraps or leftovers. The beading is very similar to the sewing. They bead beautiful jewelry and then sell it to people. Mama Rose and this garden not only provide healthy food, but chances at a job and a second family within this garden.


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