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Windmills in Wageningen

It’s winding down. I’ll be done with classes on the 18th of December and then have a month to travel. It’s been fun. I’ve met some great people, explored the Dutch culture, traveled across Europe, and learned things too!

Since arriving in the Netherlands, I have done some traveling. I took a weekend trip to Oktoberfest in Munich. This was a memorable event. I purchased a traditional dirndl, the dress worn for celebrations in Bavaria.


Eating traditional Bavarian meal

I spent a week traveling around the Netherlands and Belgium. I saw the beach in the Hague, ate Belgian waffles in Antwerp, and did a little shopping in Utrecht. In Eindhoven, I attended GLOW. It’s a festival of light displays created by artists, local and international. It was absolutely beautiful, and much better than the Amsterdam Light Festival. Because Wageningen is so small, there isn’t always much to do. It was nice to see what the rest of the Netherlands had to offer. For my birthday, I treated myself to a trip to London and


Gardens of Versailles


London Eye

finally had Diet Coke (it’s the little things you miss). London was one of my favorite trips, thus far. It is the most culturally diverse city I’ve even been to. More recently, I traveled to Paris for COY11, a youth conference for climate change that preceded COP21, the UN’s climate change forum. Soon, I will be visiting Cologne for their famous Christmas markets, hiking Ireland’s beautiful parks, and eating delicious tapas in Spain.

If I could do it over again, I have no idea where I would choose to study abroad. After experiencing so many different countries, meeting the people, eating the food, and seeing the sights, I could not be satisfied with choosing any one country. My study abroad experience would not have been worth it without my travel adventures. I have enjoyed planning new trips, running to catch my next bus,and being absolutely culture shocked in a new country. Every city is a new challenge. Before studying abroad, I had never been outside of the US. Now, I’ve been to 15 other beautiful countries. I’ve met some of the most inspiring people that make me want to work hard so that I can travel even more. The wanderlust is real.

Fly you high,

Jessica Mondello