Ich liebe Hamburg!

Erzhi Zhou, Hamburg, the BEST program in Germany

Taking a 5 hours bus from Duisburg to Hamburg, was long. However, when I went into the city, I was attracted by the peaceful street with live music, shinning river with cool wind. At that moment, I know I like here!

Walking through the street, I enjoy every moment. Hamburg likes the Seattle in U.S. It is romantic, peaceful and impressive. in Seattle you may hold a cappuccino in the square, but in Hamburg, you will hold a beer in the market. Fish market is a highlight in the whole trip. My friends and I wake up at 7:00 am. The early morning was lazy and comfortable. When we arrived at Fish Market, people was selling fish and flowers, everything. The flowers with bright color made me feel happy, the delicious snacks like Wurst and Pommes is the best partner of German Beer. When I drinking the beer in the morning listening the German Rock n’ Roll, I know it is one of the best moment of my life.

My original view of Germany was a very conserved one, but after visiting I have realized that they are the most romantic and easy people in the world!




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