Letters to Pia …. I mean Juliette.

It can sometimes be a bit tourist-filled city here in Verona. The city is so beautiful and filled with life, yet at the same time it is quite small and easy to see in a short time. I would say it is kind of the perfect city live in in Italy, because you get to see the beauty without really seeing the chaos that can come from living in a big city in Italy. But like I said, it can sometimes be tourist-filled. One of the main attractions here in Verona is the fact that this is the city of Rome and Juliette. There is La Casa di Guilietta and Guilietta’s tomb located very close to the city center. There is also a neat thing that has been going for a while in “a casa di juiletta”, which was highlighted in the famous and lovely chick-flick starring Amanda Synes – Letters to Juliette.  People all over the world come to this location and write letters to Juliette asking for her advice.  Then they take the letter and stick it to a wall inside of Giuliettas House ( where you can also find her famous balcony). However, people can also send letters to this house address. Whether it be 13 year olds or 40 year olds, all letters are opened and answered by il Club di Giulietta.  This is where I come into the story. My dear friend, is a journalism major and it has always been a dream of hers to be part of the Club. Through her help, she and another gal were able to join “il club di Giuletta”. This club is made up  by many different women of all ages, all who are in other words “Juliet” and respond to the letters sent to Juliet. It has been such a neat experience to be part of this club. At first I did not know why I could be of any help to them, fore I do not know anything about being in love or have any true experience in it, and I didn’t think that I had the “poetic” heart or mind that a “Juliet” required. But everyone is always able to help in some way, and I think this program has helped me to discover this. When I first entered the office, I discovered and there were thousands of letters to be answered. I expected this. However, what I did not expect was that the letters were written in many different languages. This is something that is obvious, but had not crossed my mind. Obviously if people from all over the world are writing to Juliet, the letters must be in all kinds of languages! Luckily, I am able to speak and write in Spanish ( thanks mom & dad!!!) and English (big surprise there). This came in such great help because believe or not much of the letters sent were in spanish. ( if you think about it most if not all of S. America, excluding Brazil, speak Spanish and also there is Spain….that is a lot of girls with a lot of feeling writing in spanish!).  I also studied French in high school, am studying Italian now,  and somehow I can tell the difference between written spanish and protoguese, so I  help sort out many of the different letters in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese into different piles.  My favorite thing to do though is to write back. Many times girls writing to Juliet are only asking for advice on how to be open to love….not so much how to deal with is ( although we do get plenty of those). My favorite letters to write are to the young girls who are still in the early teens and who are still hopeful and dreamy about love. These are the easy letters. The hardest ones to write back are the ones where girls seek answers, answers that I cannot give them. These are the toughest ones, but with the help of the other secretaries they are most definitely doable and done. Overall, I am really enjoying myself here in Verona and I feel extremely privileged and honored to be a part of this club for this semester. All thanks to my good friend!


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