Huan Le Gu Amusement Park in Shanghai

This is the biggest amusement park in Shanghai, located at 佘山路 of Shanghai. This character is 春, which means spring, and also means the Spring Festival. (I know it was a bad picture with my eyes closed)

The amusement park was about the same size as Six Flags in the US, but it contains a water park and children palace. However the water park is only open during the summer so I can’t have the chance to experience it, sad~

Picture of the day! Credit to my Chinese friend and thank you!

There were food courts and stores inside the amusement park, bbq, noodles, rices, sushi, and everything. The picture above was a coconut! This is actually the first time I saw coconut in white? I always see the ones in brown and with tassels. The coconut juice is so good, a hundred times better than coconut milk that you bought in the supermarket!

Seals are playing tricks to attract people to take photo with him/her, I think it cause 20rmb, (less than 4 dollars) to take a photo with it.

If you are interested in coming to Shanghai, this is a “must go” place!


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