Exploration in Shanghai, Xinzhuang Garden

Hello guys~ It is getting a little warmer in Shanghai now! Most of the flowers are out again! Shanghai has a lot of cherry blossom which I am longggg to see for years! This weekend I went to Xinzhuang Garden at the south of Shanghai, hoping to see some cherry blossoms~

However, I was too early for it.. T^T

But luckily there were more a lot more of other flowers were out, and they are as pretty as cherry blossoms too!

This is called 梅花 (meihua), there were two types of 梅花, one is shown on the picture above, which opens at spring time. And there is another one call 腊梅, which opens during cold, snowy winter. (sorry this blog only let me upload image that is less than 2mb, so I have to resize all my images)

This is a enlarged version of an ancient Chinese cooking tool. The handle that I m climb on is the handle that one could hold on and push, so the round round is rolling on the ground, and Chinese usually pull rice, soy beans, or wheat under the stone. This can turn the ingredients into powder and use for different style of cooking.

Many Chinese like to have 盆景 ( indoor plants) and it is actually a Chinese tradition. One can attend courses of how to plant a good 盆景 and there are standards such as certain size, shape, color, and etc. China have 盆景 competitions and museums too. And they could be very pricey.

盆景and me 🙂

This is bamboo area of the garden, bamboo have special meaning to Chinese too. Because bamboo is straight and tall, Chinese use it as a metaphor for people who were honest (straight personality).

These are 桂花, they looks like 梅花 but are in white, and smells a bit like lily.

Here’s more pictures of the garden.

This last one — tradition Chinese drums.  I hope you guys like my pose!


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